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Gant EuroHockey Championships 2011 Women and Men

Day Nine Sunday 28th August (click on fixture to view): 

Russia v France (M)

Spain v Ireland (M)

Belgium v England (M) Bronze Medal Match

Netherlands v Germany (M) Final



Day Eight Saturday 27th August:

Italy v Ireland (W)

Azerbaijan v Belgium (W)

England v Spain (W) Bronze Medal Match

Germany v Netherlands (W) Final


Day Seven Friday 26th August:

Russia v Ireland (M)

Spain v France (M)

Belgium v Netherlands (M) SF

Germany v England (M) SF


Day Six Thursday 25th August:

Italy v Belgium (W)

Azerbaijan v Ireland (W)

England v Netherlands (W) Semi Final

Spain v Germany (W) Semi Finals


Day Five Wednesday 24th August 

France v England (M)

Germany v Russia (M)

Netherlands v Ireland (M)

Spain v Belgium (M)


Day Four Tuesday 23rd August 

Ireland v England (W)

Germany v Belgium (W) 

Azerbaijan v Spain (W)

Netherlands v Italy (W)


Day Three Monday 22nd August 

France v Ireland (M)

Spain v Germany (M)

Belgium v Russia (M)

England v Netherlands (M)


Day Two: Sunday 21st August  

England v Ireland (M)  

Azerbaijan v Italy (W)

Netherlands v France (M)

England v Germany (W)

Spain v Netherlands (W)

Ireland v Belgium (W)


Day One: Saturday 20th August                           

Spain v Italy (w)

Netherlands v Azerbaijan (w)

Germany v Belgium (m)

Germany v Ireland (w)

England v Belgium (w)

Spain v Russia (m)


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